The History is written with Bic


In July 2018, the World Cup is in everyone’s mind… and especially in ours. Everybody talks about it every day and brands compete with ingenuity and creativity to get noticed.

Problem to solve

How to take advantage of the hot news to activate Bic’s Facebook and Instagram online community?


The Bic brand has accompanied us, and accompanies us, in all the key moments of our personal life: our firts lessons, our first words of love, our exams, our first check…


Are the “Bleus” (Soccer French Team name) writing History on this World Cup? We believe in it and we do not see it without Bic, it’s so obvious to us that we decided to support the “Bleus” in our own way with Bic.


A “newsjacking” operation: copywriting and artistic creation of social media publications, declination for France and Belgium channels, wordings and visuals proposals according to the possible scenarios (pre-match encouragement, victory, defeat…).


Creativity at the service of the brand: nearly 200K views, more than 6,700 reactions, comments and shares…